10 days in Bali with my bestie Hannah (@healthsynergy). So much to do in so little time! Safe to say we pretty much nailed it! Huge thanks to Grace (Social Luxe) for setting up the trip.



Kynd Community: This plant-based café is the new kid on the block. I would go as far to say my fave smoothie bowl I had in Bali – their dragonfruit mango bowl is that perfect balance of fruity, flavoursome and super creamy,  complete with a personalised  message. We also tried their juices which were so fresh and addictive, as well as the waffles with a coconut icecream (best vegan waffles I have ever had). The staff are super lovely too. Be sure to get a gram with their famous pink wall!

Strawberry Fields: Here I got an insane smoothie ‘The Nutty Professor’ – banana, cashews, cinnamon and almond milk. Consistency and flavour were seriously on point. Also tried the chia and dragonfruit smoothie bowls which were a refreshing start to the day. Their green juice was also a stand-out for me and I seriously felt rejuvenated.

Revolver Café: Hands down. BEST coffee is Bali (/ever!) They have an insanely creamy almond milk and I was addicted from the get-go. The staff are so friendly and always down for a chat. I also had their smashed avocado which I’ve been dreaming of since. Ask to sit in their pink room at the back- yet another very grammable pink wall moment.

Sea Circus: If you’re craving acai- this is your go-to. Clustery granola – tick, thick consistency – yep, add PB – tick. We also tried the Pitaya bowl and Choc-PB bowl which we equally enjoyed. Check owwwt those toppings. Yet another location with a funky wall, get around it! (Sorry not sorry re: cool wall obsession).

Sisterfields: Even if you haven’t been to Bali, there is no doubt you’ve had Sisterfields flying across your feed and trust me, it really lives up to the hype. Almost everything on the menu enticed me but of course, I went for the smashed avo (standard Sophie move). Super delish. Also incredible coffee. They have an all day menu – yes, acai for dinner is a possibility. Believe me, it tempted us a fair few times.

Madpops: If you’re after a little cool down, head to Mad Pops. My fave by far was the coconut blueberry flavour! It’s in the main strip of Seminyak. Queues out the door is always a great sign, right?

Mama San: Seriously quality Asian cuisine. The dumplings were quite outta this world along with the roti bread, Pad Thai and Asian greens. Would go back in a heartbeat.

Nalu Bowls: Another place you would have for sure spotted on the insta feed. This place is famous for their smoothie bowls. We went to the one in Canggu and Seminyak and both times I got their Uluwatu bowl (replacing apple juice with coconut water). I was really vibing their granola- super crunchy with great flavour. Definitely worth a visit.

Motel Mexicola: This place gives you option to take it easy with a chilled sesh or else you can stick around and soak up the Bali nightlife! Hannah and I got a quiet table around the side where we enjoyed incredible home-made corn chips with guacamole and a chilli margarita (one of my faves ever)! Between the interior design and music, the place is so vibey. An absolute Bali must. Also dare I say it, another great wall gram opportunity – decor is very groovy.

Mrs Sippy: Think a midday tanning sesh or a more happening Sunday arvo, the choice is yours! The chairs are available for 50,000 IDR or the beds for 100,000 IDR per person. We both got a delicious juice and fresh coconut and sadly didn’t get to try the food (thanks a lot Bali Belly) but the menu looked/sounded amazing. Plenty of healthy options and cocktails if you’re wanting to kick back and relax.

Bambu: If you’re after a traditional Balinese tasting experience, this is the place. We shared some dumplings, spiced pumpkin and an incredible vegetarian sharing platter as well as complimentary flat bread and dips. One of my highlight meals and the ultimate way to end the trip. Gorgeous ambience, great staff and bomb flavours. #takemeback


Villa Mimi: This villa is the definition of a Balinese DREAM. Very stylish with a modern design all centred around a stunning pool (it’s a jaw-dropper). You can’t ask for more. Location-wise, it’s a short walk away from the main strip of Seminyak shops making it super convenient. The plan is open, giving it a super summery feel with a dining area and three bedrooms with gorgeous decor. On top of all this, there is security 7am-7pm and the nicest staff. This place has it all covered!

Alila Seminyak: If you’re into a bit of luxury, then this one is for you. Coconuts by the pool, robes, infinity pool… you get the picture. We never wanted to leave! It’s 5 star and it’s not hard to see why.



The Lawn: The Lawn became quite the Bali ritual for us! Ideal for a vibey arvo sesh but also kicks off on a Friday night. Their pomelo margaritas we could absolutely not go past as well as their delish icy apple beverage. Be sure to check them out around sunset. Absolute stunner. Old Man’s is conveniently a short walk a way if you’re feeling like a bit of a dancefloor action.

Peloton Supershop: This place is what dreams are made of. Nope, not even kidding here. My go-to was the powerhouse bowl- I’m talking spiced tempeh, toasted cashews, black rice, INSANE INSANE INSANE garlic rye, spiralised veggies, drenched in a citrus dressing (I recommend a side of smashed avo and pesto just to increase the wow factor). Their smashed avo on rye was seriously next level (especially when you add the pesto #dead) and they also have a great range of healthy bevvies just to top it off. Even the chilled coconut water tasted extra amazing (idk how)?! This place = absolute MUST.

Crate: Up there with one of my fave breaky spots in Bali. We tried a creamy mango bowl topped with juicy balls of papaya, toasted cashews and pumpkin seeds and fluffy shredded coconut. Absolute flavour city.

We also tried 2 of the chia puddings (generally aren’t my number one choice) but WOWZERS these became a genuine fave of mine. Kept on going back for more. And more. I can’t even decide what I preferred out of the pitaya or blue chia parfait. Consistency and flavour were just so on point!

Da Maria: If you’re craving a quality l’Italiano feast, then Da Maria calls. We shared an insane spinach pizza – the dough was so authentic. We also tried a pineapple, passionfruit cocktail which was super refreshing! If you head in on a Sunday, you will find it kicks off a bit later – the DJ and dance floor are a bonus. The pastas (which we sadly didn’t try) also sound and looked next level. Da Maria, we will be back!


Villa Ariana Grande: You’ve surely spotted the beautiful Villa Ariana Grande over instagram feed. It is just as picturesque in reality, believe me! Chilling on the hanging chair while overlooking the stunning pool was a fave pastime of mine, as well as sunbaking on the lounge chair on the upstairs balcony that overlooks a stunning green field. Yet another fave accom of mine. Cannot wait to visit again!

Jungle Room: Jungle Room boasts a Bohemian style and was a totally different vibe to the other places we had stayed, yet we equally loved it! All the houses are wooden antique and simply beautiful. The feel is so unique to anything I have experienced and so serene. We stayed in Villa Mango which had 3 bedrooms, an open kitchen, outdoor bathroom and private pool. Included in the stay is breakfast and daily yoga. The food and smoothies at the juice bar are super delish! Also have a fab smashed avo and chia pudding. Absolutely loved chilling here, soaking up the sun. Such a relaxing environment and would go back in a heart beat.


N U S A  C E N I N G A N

Nusa Ceningan is the small island off Nusa Lembongan which is accessible via the well renowned ‘Yellow Bridge.’

We got a ferry from Sanur using Scoot Services which took around 40 minutes to arrive at the blue waters of Nusa Lembongan. We then were transferred to the bridge which we walked across with our luggage.

Make sure you have transfers to accommodation sorted prior as we did not and lugged our bags through a dirt road (and lost a wheel) for about 30 minutes. I definitely counted that as my workout of the day.

LE PIRATE: We arrived at Le Pirate which is very quiet and  cute. It’s a short walk from Blue Lagoon and has its own restaurant.

The rooms boast a fresh white/ turquoise exterior and whilst having a very grammable exterior, they are very small inside, so don’t be expecting to be able to open your bags in there! We kept ours in the outdoor bathroom. The shower is also kept out there and is cold and salt water- but hey, why not embrace the beach life? Do bring insect repellent as there are a fair few mammoth mosquitos lurking round.

The infinity pool overlooks incredible blue waters (which reach high tide during the day aka prime photography time) and is the ultimate place to read a book, listen to music and soak up those rays.

There is a super groovy bar right next to the pool (convenience factor, yes please) where you are able to sip on cocktails or even fresh juice all day long!


Le Pirate: Yummy dragonfruit smoothie bowl, but much more simple menu compared to those offered at places in Bali.

Sandy Bay beach Club (Nusa Lembongan): We shared the sweet potato chips and some corn chips and guacamole. Nice but not in a massive rush to go back!

OTHER INFO: Be sure to rent a scooter when travelling around Ceningan – we got in a pretty freaky situation with some wild dogs. While we can have a good laugh about it now, I was in an absolute panic while it was happening!





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